Conscious Capitalism Companies in Australia

There is a growing community of  business people and companies in Australia that are  dedicated to changing the state of capitalism so that it truly  elevates humanity and contributes to a better world. Their activities may differ but all of them apply the Conscious Capitalism principles  of Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture.

 Below is a snapshot of the companies leading the way:

1- Whole kids

Whole Kids is Australia’s leading brand of organic, healthy kids snacks. Founded by James and Monica Meldrum, the company is committed to nourishing healthy kids.

They created their business based on Conscious Capitalism principles and are committed to live and breathe their social and environmental purpose every day through:

  • Healthy products – by making the most natural, wholesome and environmentally sustainable food for children and families.
  • Healthy people – by nurturing the health and wellbeing of their customers and people in a way that is respectful and responsible.
  • Healthy planet – by working to provide a sustainable environment for current and future generations, and to restore planet’s health.

Our purpose is underpinned by our commitment to operating our business on the fundamental philosophy that business needs to exist for a deeper purpose beyond profit.  We believe that businesses must contribute positively to a more sustainable, more equitable and more respectful relationship with their local communities, stakeholders, environment and wider society.

2- Swisse

 Swisse culture starts with the belief that if the focus is on people, passion and principles, profits will naturally follow.

They have shortened the order of their priorities as – ‘people, principles and passion before profit’ – referred to as ‘The 4 Ps’.

The Four Ps

People : Swisse staff are given an extra ‘Health and Happiness’ day of leave each month to spend time with their families or friends, a fortnightly massage and free personal training and yoga classes. A healthy, fresh lunch is provided daily for all staff at their  foundation Australian offices in Melbourne and Sydney. They also include customers and partners under ‘people’. Making sure to  over-deliver on promises and build long-standing relationships is an important goal at Swisse.

Principles are all based around what will make the world and their workplace a healthier and happier place. They have a couple of catchy sayings that help guide their choices such as: ‘Morals before money’ and ‘Customer care before profit share’.

Passion They want their people to love their work, because they believe there is no engine to drive a business like a group of passionate people pointed in the same direction.

Profit They consider that results would not be what they are if they didn’t have the three other Ps right.

At the core of Swisse philosophy is a belief that the conventional approach to health can be improved upon. They believe that people should focus on maintaining and sustaining their wellness, rather than only seeking help when their health is suffering. They also believe that wellness is linked to how we spend our time, what we put into our bodies, and how we approach life. Positive thinking, positive relationships, healthy food and healthy activities are all part of living a healthy, happy life.


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